wildlife adoption

connecting classrooms with carers

Wildlife carers need support to care for our orphaned native animal joeys. By participating in the Green Heroes wildlife adoption program a class (or individual adopter) is linked to an orphaned joey and a wildlife carer.

Children/adopters receive:

  • a photo of an orphaned animal in care

  • information about the animal and a brief story about how he/she came into care

  • the opportunity to name the joey

  • update(s) on the joey’s progress

Wildlife carers receive:

  • a card / letter / drawing from the class/adopter

  • a parcel containing wildlife care supplies of their choice, such as fabric pouches, formula, bottles, teats, ointments etc. (supplied by Green Heroes)

The cost of adopting an orphaned joey is $80. This covers provision of wildlife care supplies to carers and the costs of running the program. Follow the links below for detailed information about participating. Please also feel free to contact us at: hello@greenheroes.org.au

wildlife RESCUE Badge & Booklet

Know what to do if you find an injured native animal

information for educators & Adopters

Connect children with conservation

information for wildlife carers

Receive support for your valuable work


adopted joeys