Sharing Planet Earth Resource Package

Sharing Planet Earth Resource Package


Sharing Planet Earth Resource Kit.

An in depth resource guide to incorporating wildlife conservation into Early Learning Centres and Early Primary. Written and designed by teachers, wildlife carers, environmental scientists, conservationists and parents.

Green Heroes aims to: 

1) educate children about the natural world and inspire them to develop a lifelong desire to conserve and protect the environment; and 

2) empower children and young people to take action within their communities to conserve wildlife and habitats.

Our team has spent the last two years developing the Sharing Planet Earth early education program, which gives priority to both Sustainability and Understanding Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures. Since its launch in July 2018, the program has been delivered in Early Learning Centres ,prep/foundation and Grade 1 classes in NSW, QLD and SA. The response from educators, children and their parents has been overwhelmingly positive.  The kits are sold for $900 including postage and delivery, staff PD, ongoing support and additional free resource packages via email throughout the year.

The Sharing Planet Earth resource kit includes a 100-page teacher guide with all necessary lesson plans, books, original games and equipment to plan a complete term of study. The program covers three main topic areas, which address each of the key sustainability concepts of systems, world views and futures:

1.    ‘Amazing Australian Animals and their Habitats’ - explores the interdependent and dynamic nature of systems that support all life on Earth.

2.    ‘Caring for Country ‘- discusses the diversity of world views on environment and sustainability and recognises the contribution of Indigenous Australians in developing more sustainable patterns of living.

3.    ‘Saving the World Before Bedtime’ - which focuses on wildlife rescue and rehabilitation - builds capacities for thinking and acting in ways that are necessary to create a more sustainable future.

As explained in this short video, each topic area is currently linked to the Early Years Learning Framework:


Sharing Planet Earth is a particularly exciting resource as it reaches beyond Early Learning Centres  to meaningful projects that make an impact and build connections in the local community. Through the ‘pouches for joeys’ project, for example, children complete fabric pouches for young orphaned marsupials, which are donated to local wildlife carers (please see a short video about this:

The Sharing Planet Earth Resource Kit includes

  • 100 page educator guide

  • activity cards for flora and fauna support within the centre

  • activity cards for ochre painting, symbols & storytelling and using natural materials

  • suggested music and movement

  • Early Years Framework links

  • handmade wooden matching game - Australian mums and babies

  • handmade wooden matching game - Australian animals and tracks

  • 'make a move' animal movement cubes

  • 5 group-time books with lesson plans

  • 40 handmade pouches to support the pouches for joeys activity

  • Spike the mascot echidna, with backpack and journal (for children to take home on weekends)

  • Wildlife hospital, with 6 animals, matching case study cards, x-rays, feeding bottles, bandages and other supplies

  • ongoing free resources and support

Includes a teachers resource book, all activities games, props, posters and natural materials needed to commence teaching immediately.

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